You Can Heal Now: The Tapas Acupressure Technique by Tapas Fleming

By Tapas Fleming

This self-help workbook teaches you one easy method that provides you the ability to immediately remodel your overall healthiness and health and wellbeing. TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique), is a brand new strategy according to conventional chinese language drugs. TAT offers the keys to raised wellbeing and fitness through instructing you the key of speaking with the cells of your physique and giving them new details that permits the complete physique to consider satisfied. you are going to learn how to aid family and friends, together with kids, to beat loss, fears and phobias, actual or emotional traumas, and deeply-held destructive ideals with no re-living any trauma. additionally, there are designated sections on tips on how to use TAT to aid animals, and a step by step strategy for therapeutic your courting with cash.

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For example, people who were exposed to Agent Orange or have Gulf War Syndrome can't get samples of what they were exposed to. TAT has been successful in dealing with continuing reactions to chemical exposure, long after the exposure itself, without having a sample on hand. Here is how you can heal from chemical exposures using TAT. " If yes, proceed. Put your attention on "My exposure to _______________(the chemical) and do TAT. You don't even have to know the name of the chemical. Just your intention to focus on the particular chemical or chemicals that you were exposed to will work.

If your body says yes to the third step of TAT, put your attention on the origins of the problem and do TAT. Likewise, if your body says yes to the fourth step of TAT, put your attention on the storage space of the problem and do TAT. You’re done. 34 HELPING AN ATTACHED BEING MOVE ON It is possible to use TAT to help an attached being move on. I have seen this in cases such as a chaotic childhood in which parents used alcohol and drugs and the children were abused and/or neglected. What happens is that after working with a patient and having a trauma clear up, I get the feeling that someone else is in the room.

A 'no' or 'weak' response shows that this story resonates with a problem. " To C/P: Put your attention on (read off all elements for first story) and do TAT. Your action: Put your attention on your C/P. " Watch your C/P to notice any shifts in their breathing, posture, changes in motions, facial expression. Be open with your own body to see if you can feel a release in your own body (your attention is primarily on your C/P, secondarily on yourself, but truly inclusive of both). When your body gives you a 'yes', quit testing and keep your attention on your C/P.

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