Wonders of life: exploring the most extraordinary phenomenon by Brian Cox

By Brian Cox

In Wonders of existence: Exploring the main remarkable strength within the Universe, the definitive spouse to the invention technology Channel sequence, Professor Brian Cox takes us on an enormous trip to find the main advanced, diversified, and exact strength within the universe: lifestyles itself.Through his voyage of discovery, international bestselling writer Brian Cox explains how the surprising inventiveness of nature happened and uncovers the milestones within the epic trip from the beginning of existence to our personal lives, with attractive full-color illustrations all through. From remarkable fountains of superheated water on the backside of the Atlantic to the inner most rainforest, Cox seeks out the locations the place the largest questions about existence can be responded: what's lifestyles? Why will we want water? Why does existence end?Physicist and professor Brian Cox uncovers the secrets and techniques of lifestyles within the such a lot unforeseen destinations and within the such a lot lovely aspect during this appealing full-color quantity.

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But, being a film crew, we have a reason; to observe the shifting nature of the Sun’s light as it arrives at the surface of the Earth. As early morning turns to afternoon and we rise into thinning air, the colours of the world shift from warm reds to harsher blues. These are real, physical changes picked up by our eyes as the quality of the sunlight itself changes owing to its varying path-length through the atmosphere. Light is an electromagnetic wave; energy from the Sun sloshing back and forth between electric and magnetic fields and driving itself through the vacuum of space at just over 299,792 km per second.

SIMPLE BUT COMPLEX Water arguably exhibits the most complex behaviour of any known substance. This may come as a shock, because the ubiquitous familiarity of its chemical signature – H2O – is the stuff of the most basic of classroom chemistry lessons. Yet this familiarity hides a deep complexity that we are only now beginning to understand. The complexity doesn’t lie in the structure of water molecules themselves of course: each molecule is made of three atoms – two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

It is also the origin of the strong suspicion, shared by many biologists, that water is one of the essential ingredients for life, not only on Earth, but anywhere in the Universe. INTO THE LIGHT Life on Earth is a dazzling continuum of organisms of dramatically varying sizes and complexities. There are some ingredients that all living things share: water, plus a handful of chemical elements vital for life, such as the constituents of DNA – hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus. Other ingredients and conditions are necessary for the particular biosphere we find on Earth today Without them, human beings would certainly not exist, but whether they are fundamental to the development of complex life is an open question.

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