Why Males Exist, An Inquiry into the Evolution of Sex by Fred Hapgood

By Fred Hapgood

1979, First version. e-book is New. dirt jacket is in first-class situation with a small repaired tear. similar day delivery.

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What the female does is cerebral and might sound more impressive, but it is really the male that has to bum the calories. Why should the males do all this work when it is the females that stand to lose more from wasted matings? The \ answer, obviously, is that the females can afford to wait. While males run out of females before they run out of sex cells, females almost never run out of eggs before they run out of potential mates. Her eggs will be fertilized, if not now, th~n soon enough. scene, h: Will get around to her.

Sometimes the benefits of gender-switching might spring from the social circumstances, such as when there are many females in the area it is better to be a male. There are a great many invertebrates-sponges, parasites, mollusks- / 79 that have just this ability of assessing the social situation and choosing their gender accordingly. In one experiment, when the young of a certain marine snail (Crepiduia) were isolated in an aquarium, 30 percent in one sample and 10 percent of a second began making sperm.

MANY ISSUES HAVE TO BE SETTLED AS MATING UNFOLDS , AND , p~rt because it is such a departure from the ecological, physIOlogical, and social routines of everyday, the resolution of each one of these issues might demand a considerable amount of inconvenience, stress, and risk. Two such issues are time and place. Often all the members of both genders live scattered over the landscape; in other cases the females live in groups but the males forage elsewhere (sometimes because the females actively repel any male homing in on their territory outside of breeding season).

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