Where Comfort Hides: We have far more control over our own by Noreen Owens M.Ed

By Noreen Owens M.Ed

The easy publication, the place convenience Hides, stocks what's recognized in the holistic neighborhood - the quick paced, excessive tech, info age during which we are living is drawing our consciousness outward in a fashion that's inflicting us damage. we have now been overlooking our innate skill to forestall the epidemic of again soreness and to minimize the influence of rigidity. little ones are unnecessarily experiencing again, neck, and joint ache, and shallow respiring. you'll be guided to the certainty that whereas rigidity is termed as one of many universal components in lots of stipulations and ailments, it really is our lack of sensory information that makes us so prone to tension. the place convenience Hides presents easy, clearly-illustrated events for kids and adults to avoid and liberate the accumulation of muscular pressure within the middle – the world such a lot liable to pressure, nervousness, and harm. After the preliminary classes, a quick flow regimen will strengthen sensory motor self-awareness to take care of and enhance convenience and keep an eye on all through lifestyles.

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Once a child experiences the basic lessons, performing a daily somatic reminder will promote healthy breathing, healthy muscles, healthy joints, and a healthy spine throughout life, just as daily brushing will promote healthy teeth. I am writing this book to share important knowledge with both parents and educators. My immediate goals are (1) to introduce the concept that we lose sensory motor awareness over time, and this loss exacerbates our vulnerability to stress, anxiety, trauma, and injury, and (2) to provide step by step instructions so elementary school health and physical education personnel can easily incorporate basic somatic skills within their existing programs.

I could not imagine what I had done to cause any of this pain. My search for relief ended when a massage therapist handed me the book Somatics: Reawakening the Mind’s Control of Movement, Flexibility, and Health by Thomas Hanna. Hanna wrote about the effects of stress, anxiety, injury, surgery, and trauma on the muscles. He explained how we lose control over our muscles when muscular tension becomes habitual. This causes stiffness, aches, and pain that can be relieved only by relearning how to feel the muscles.

Feel the firmness of the muscles in the contracted position, then feel them soften and relax as you return to a neutral position. Even if you cannot feel the sensations at first, bringing your attention to the targeted area will provide feedback to your brain. When sensory awareness is very limited, it may be easier to feel the muscles relax, than to feel them contract. The more input you give your brain, the more awareness and thus control you develop. Having in mind a visual image of a muscle’s shape and where it connects to the spine and joints can enhance your conscious awareness.

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