Water Research Volume 45 Issue 11 by Mark van Loosdrecht

By Mark van Loosdrecht

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Coli cells entrapped by PSP was studied through SEM. A twostep mechanism was tentatively concluded: breakdown of the entrapping PSP around the protected E. coli cells, and disinfection of the exposed cells. It has been found that ultrasonication (20 kHz) can overcome the entrapping PSP, and complete disinfection of entrapped E. coli cells can be expected given enough energy. PSP-E. coli complex has been completely shattered as evidenced by the SEM image in Fig. 5(e) when Es increased to 320 kJ/L under our experimental conditions.

Eng. 134 (8), 659e670. , 2004. Behavior of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and hormones in a sewage treatment plant. Water Res. 38 (12), 2918e2926. , 2000. Separation of pollutants from restaurant wastewater by electrocoagulation. Separat. Purif. Technol. 19 (1e2), 65e76. , 2009. Fate of Cryptosporidium parvum and Cryptosporidium hominis oocysts and Giardia duodenalis cysts during secondary wastewater treatments. Parasitol. Res. 105 (3), 689e696. , 1998. Direct sonication system suitable for medium-scale sonochemical reactors.

Coli) was investigated. Entrapment of E. coli by PSP was directly observed through Received in revised form scanning electron microscope (SEM) after E. coli and PSP were incubated together in water 16 March 2011 for 24 h at 35  C. Entrapment coefficient was proposed for the first time to reflect the ability Accepted 20 March 2011 of PSP to entrap E. 4 Â 103 CFU/mg PSP under our experimental Available online 31 March 2011 conditions. Ultrasonication (20 kHz) of different E. coli-PSPs solutions showed that the entrapped E.

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