Values-based Service for Sustainable Business: Lessons from by Bo Edvardsson

By Bo Edvardsson

The function of values in constructing and coping with carrier businesses has been below researched within the latest literature - formerly. This publication analyzesВ a huge organizationВ (IKEA) as a foundation for values established carrier for sustainable company.

The authors supply an summary of the historical past of IKEA and the social and environmental views that experience acted as riding forces for developing fiscal price. They cross directly to boost values-based provider pondering in the parts of provider adventure, provider model, and repair management. The ebook concludes by means of evaluating IKEA to different values-based provider businesses (such as Starbucks, H&M, and physique Shop); from those reflections, the booklet provides the most important rules for a sustainable, values-based carrier enterprise.


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CSR is not a new business concept, but it has recently achieved greater significance in the contemporary competitive globalised economy. The incorporation of CSR into a company’s business strategy facilitates the creation of favourable bonds with customers and other stakeholders (such as employees and shareholders). The new understanding of CSR is, as Vogel (2005b) noted, about ‘doing good to do well’. Questions 1 2 3 4 How is the concept of customer value defined and used in your organisation?

To maintain low prices, IKEA must use its resources as effectively as possible. There are numerous examples of the cost consciousness of IKEA resulting in benefits for the environment. One example is the production of furniture from rubber-tree wood. The wood of these trees was previously classed as burnable waste after the supply of latex from the trees had dried up. This changed when IKEA decided to use these trees as furniture material instead. This kept production costs low and helped to reduce unnecessary waste.

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