UNIX Workshop by Andreas Pilavakis

By Andreas Pilavakis

This publication covers the spectrum of UNIX themes. it's concise and makes use of a good many sensible examples. The reader is predicted to have easy wisdom of at the least one excessive point language, and for the complicated themes, a operating wisdom of the c language is needed.

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This is a file which is accessible to all users and which acts as a 'black hole' for swallowing up unwanted output. For example, if we want to time the execution of program "a. 7 File name generation and metacharacters When a command is given, it is scanned for the metacharacters *, ? and [. If any one of these characters is found, the parameter is replaced with alphabetically sorted names that match the actual pattern: The Bourne Shell 25 • * Matches any string (including the null string) • ? Matches any single character • [...

Is >temp$$) • $- The current shell flags that were supplied to the shell on invocation or by the set command • $? The exit status of the last executed command. 15. 10 Command substitution Command substitution is perhaps one of the most powerful features provided by the shell. The standard output from a command enclosed in a pair of grave accents can be assigned to variables. A common mistake is to use single quotes instead of the grave accents. The command tty will identify the current working terminal in the form "/dev/tty", where is a decimal number.

Env HOME IFS MAIL MAILCHECK= PATH PSl PS2 SHELL TERM /work/acct/andy /usr/mail/andy 600 /bin:/usr/bin:/etc:: $ > /bin/sh svt120 New variable-value pairs may be created and ex1stmg ones may be modified, by using simple assignments and the export command as shown below. For example, $TERM=ampex $export TERM 41 42 UNIX Workshop will modify the value of the environment variable TERM to "ampex". Similarly $mydir=/usr/andy/temp $export mydir will put the user-defined variable "mydir" in the environment.

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