Unix Unleashed by Marla Abraham

By Marla Abraham

Working method, together with all of its utilities; information, methods, and examples; shell scripts; and extra.

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UNIX uses the word standard in this subject to mean the default or normal mode. Thus, UNIX has the term standard input, which means input coming from the default setting, and the term standard output, which means output going to the normal place. When you first log in to the system, and your shell executes, your standard input is set to be what you type at the keyboard, and your standard output is set to be your display screen. With this in mind, follow along with the example. The cat command takes any characters from standard input, and then echoes them to standard output.

Nonprinting characters don't appear in file listings, and they make the file hard to work with. If you want to remove the file, enter rm -i *; then type y for the file you that you want to remove, while typing n for the others. The -i option also comes in handy if you want to remove several files that have such dissimilar names that you cannot specify them with wild cards. Again, simply enter rm -i *, and then type n for each file that you don't want to remove. Working with Directories A directory is simply a special kind of file.

Or, if you want to get a head start on this section, you might try entering man man to get information on the man help facility itself. The manual entry is called a man page, even though it is often more than one page long. There are common sections to man pages. Depending on the command, some or all of the sections may be present. At the start of the man page is the Name. This is usually a one-liner that gives the command's name along with a phrase describing what it does. Next is the Synopsis, which gives the command's syntax including its arguments and options.

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