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Babies will respond to the sound of people’s voices, they show pleasure when people are nearby and socializing with them, and they can summon help if they need it. The baby’s physical survival depends on the people around it, and the baby’s ability to communicate helps 2. Self and others 15 people around it to know what to do. But babies are even more sophisticated at interacting with other people than just communicating pleasure or discomfort. PARENT– INFANT INTERACTION As it grows older, the baby’s tendency towards sociability becomes even more apparent.

If you really love, trust or like someone, then you accept the decisions which they make about how they are living their life. That doesn’t mean, of course, that we have to condone things which are morally wrong. But we can dislike what someone does, and make that clear, without disliking that particular person. As parents do all the time. However, Rogers found that it isn’t only parents who can provide this kind of relationship. In fact, we can experience this kind of relationship at any age, and it can provide us with the security that we need to begin to self-actualize.

And some formed attachments with the fathers, but not with their mothers, even though it was the mother who was with them most of the time. What made the difference? Shaffer and Emerson found, as have many psychologists since, that it was the quality of social interaction between parent and child which affected the infant’s response. Babies become especially fond of parents 2. Self and others 17 (and other people) who are sensitive to the signals they are giving out – smiling and other facial expressions, movements, and so on – and who are prepared to interact with them in their playing.

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