The Wisdom of the Eye by David M. Miller

By David M. Miller

The knowledge of the Eye is a survey of the key strategies underlying a few of the uncomplicated sciences with regards to the human eye and visible mind in a single quantity, utilizing anecdotes and at the least hugely technical language to stress the details. This booklet offers an up to date remedy on how the attention and visible procedure paintings to assist us see, interpret what we see, and speak what we suppose. It additionally examines how this description of the visible approach teaches us extra approximately ourselves.

Key Features
* Written in a easy sort, absent of jargon
* Humanizes imaginative and prescient examine utilizing anecdotes
* makes use of many unique illustrations and examples to illustrate concepts
* presents a synthesis of many disciplines together with ophthalmology, optometry, and simple science
* offers the visible method continuously within the context of its survival advantages
* Covers a wide selection of subject matters together with little one imaginative and prescient, grownup retinal snapshot, animal imaginative and prescient, eye accidents, refractive components, the attention as a transmitter and receiver of data, optical illusions, colour, visible knowledge, and extra

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Actually, the light must pass through a number of retinal layers of nerve fibers, nerve cells, and blood vessels before striking the receptors. These retinal layers (aside from blood vessels) are quite transparent because of the small size of the elements and the tight packing arrangement. Therefore, we can still say that the size of the important elements of the cornea, eye lens, and retina are of the order of the wavelengths of visible light or a fraction thereof, and can therefore make these organs transparent to visible light.

With age, the lens enlarges and becomes denser and more rigid. In so doing, it progressively loses the ability to change shape. Parenthetically, it is the cornea of many birds, from pigeons to hawks,t that change shape and is partially responsible for their accommodation. The cornea does not change flexibility with age and so these birds do not become presbyopic. However, there is no "free lunch" in nature. The human eye lens, on the other hand, sits within the eye surrounded by protective fluid, and is far less vulnerable to injury than the cornea.

In all of these situations, the part of the lens being laid down at the time of the injury or disease loses transparency. This hazy section may also be lumpy in thickness. However, in a short time, new transparent layers will cover the hazy ones, smoothing and reducing the blurring effect of the injury. Again, we now understand that a small level of light scattering due to this fiber layering system is a fair price to pay for a selfrepairing lens system. B. NATURAL DEFENSES AGAINST LIGHT SCATTERING I may have led the reader astray, suggesting that the eye has no defense against normal light scattering.

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