The Way You Breath Can Make You Sick by Michael Grant White

By Michael Grant White

Evidence and figures approximately how how you breathe may also help or prevent your health and wellbeing, health, height functionality, sturdiness and non secular event.

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Drug free way to reduce asthma attacks. Importance of nutrition for optimal breathing. # 173 - Raw & Living Foods Festival Seminar CD or cassette. ISBN #188317-49-X • $15 + S&H Portland, OR- 2001 Festival. Mike delivers a one hour breathing seminar on CD (no cassettes). Fun and very informative. Anatomy, science, why learn to breathe better. Working on a member of the audience. # 195 - The Way You Breathe Can Make You Sick. It Can Also Make You Well! CD or cassette. ISBN #188317-10-4 • $15 + S&H Not available Optimal Breathing ® • h t t p : / / w w w.

I am forever grateful! For over 50 years, I taught aerobics, water exercise, swimming, dancing, and helped people to relax to reduce their pain. Your breathing information is a help in ALL of these activities and situations as well as improving health and enjoyment of life. MT, retired. Anxiety I was looking at the animated lungs on your website home page. I started imitating what I was observing on the screen. Man, did I notice a difference or what!!!!!!!! I can't believe the difference it’s making on my levels of anxiety.

Thanks for getting the message out. You're the Man! Pat Walsh Orthopedic Specialist I thoroughly enjoyed my session with you. I was delighted by the degree of insight and sophistication that you bring to “breathing”. I am now opening up and breathing in a much more relaxed manner. I look forward to another session to go a step further. I will also be recommending your approach to my patients. – Dr. Richard Gracer, Orthopedic Medicine Internist Our modern medical paradigm bases pulmonary function on factors that relate to the anatomy and physiology of the lungs.

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