The System of Islam: Nidham Ul Islam

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The Capitalist intellectual leadership however, is based upon a compromise solution reached after a bloody struggle between the clergy and the intellectuals, which had lasted for many centuries and it resulted with the idea of separation of the deen from the state. Therefore, both the Communist and Capitalist intellectual leaderships failed since they contradict man's nature (fiTrah) and are not built upon the intellect. In conclusion, of the three intellectual leaderships, only the Islamic intellectual leadership is correct, because it is built upon the mind, it agrees with man's nature (fiTrah) and, thus man positively responds to it.

However, if they prevented them from doing so then all would be saved". This outlook to the community and the individual establishes a distinct concept about society. The individuals as part of the community must have thoughts (afkaar) that bind them together and by which they live. They must also share the same emotions (mashaa'ir) by which they are influenced and they proceed according to them. Additionally, they must have one system to address all of their life's problems. Hence, society is composed of individuals, thoughts, emotions and systems.

Qxd 8/28/2002 3:55 PM Page 57 This is from the rational perspective. However with regards to man's nature (fiTrah), the Islamic intellectual leadership agrees with man's nature (fiTrah) since it recognises the existence of deen, its necessity in life and the obligation to manage life according to the commands and prohibitions of Allah . Religiousness is innate (fiTriy) in man since it is one of man's instincts with its own response, namely sanctification, which is a natural response to a specific instinct that differs from all the other responses of other instincts.

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