The Syntactic Process by Mark Steedman

By Mark Steedman

In this ebook Mark Steedman argues that the skin syntax of normal languages maps spoken and written types on to a compositional semantic illustration that incorporates predicate-argument constitution, quantification, and data constitution with out developing any intervening structural illustration. His function is to build a principled thought of normal grammar that's at once suitable with either explanatory linguistic money owed of a few problematical syntactic phenomena and an easy computational account of how sentences are mapped onto representations of which means. the unconventional nature of Steedman's suggestion stems from his declare that a lot of the plain complexity of syntax, prosody, and processing follows from the lexical specification of the grammar and from the involvement of a small variety of common rule-types for combining predicates and arguments. those syntactic operations are with regards to the combinators of Combinatory common sense, engendering a miles freer definition of derivational constituency than is normally assumed. This estate permits Combinatory Categorial Grammar to trap elegantly the constitution and interpretation of coordination and intonation contour in English in addition to a few famous interactions among notice order, coordination, and relativization throughout a couple of different languages. It additionally permits extra direct compatibility with incremental semantic interpretation in the course of parsing.

The booklet covers subject matters in formal linguistics, intonational phonology, computational linguistics, and experimental psycholinguistics, providing them as an built-in thought of the language college in a kind available to readers from any of these fields.

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Appears to introduce a new "theme" or topic of conversation, corresponding like the relative clause in (11a) to the concept of someone such that Anna married them. ) It is the presence of the abstraction (15) rather than some other that makes the intonation contour in (13b) felicitous. 3 for the theory of grammar as a whole (see Selkirk 1984, 205, and cf. 6 The involvement of two apparently uncoupled levels of underlying structure on the way from sound to meaning in natural language grammar appears to complicate the path from speech to interpretation unreasonably, and to thereby threaten the entire theory of grammar (not to mention its worrying implications for the feasibility of a number of applications in computational speech recognition and speech synthesis).

The size of the lexicon involved is therefore an important measure of a grammar's complexity. Other things being equal, one lexical grammar is sim- < previous page page_32 next page > < previous page page_33 next page > Page 33 pler than another if it captures the same pairing of strings and interpretations using a smaller lexicon. An important property of CCG, which it shares with LFG and GB, and which sets it apart from TAG, GPSG, and HPSG (which in other respects are more closely related), is that it attempts to minimize the size of the lexicon by adhering as closely as possible to the following stronger principle: That is not to say that a given word may not be the head of more than one construction and hence be associated with more than one category.

4 The basic categories like S and NP can, and in fact must, be regarded as complex objects that include both major syntactic features, of the kind used in X -bar theory, and minor syntactic features like number, gender, and person agreement. Such syntactic feature bundles will for present purposes be abbreviated as S, NP3s, S\NP3s, and so on, since the particular feature set is not at issue here, and the precise implementation of minor features or feature bundles like agreement is of no immediate relevance.

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