The Spirit of Islam : A History of The Evolution and Ideals by Syed Ameer Ali

By Syed Ameer Ali

The Spirit of Islam is taken into account the most effective and such a lot well-written resources of data at the lifetime of Mohammed the prophet and the background of Islam. which include elements, "The existence and Ministry of the Prophet" and "The Spirit of Islam," the publication includes the literary, cultural, social, political, and philosophical historical past of Islam. initially, the publication used to be a quick paintings entitled "A severe exam of the existence and Teachings of Mohammad," however the writer later revised the paintings into what it truly is at the present time. SYED AMEER ALI (1849-1928) was once an Indian Muslim who wrote a number of books approximately Islamic background and perform, in addition to Islamic legislations. A revered jurist himself, and a descendant of Mohammad, Ali's phrases have been tremendous influential. He accomplished honors at school, begun a felony perform in Calcutta, and was once essentially the most finished Muslims of his time sooner than he moved to London at age 20. whilst he back to Calcutta in 1873, he endured his legislations perform, grew to become a legislations professor at Calcutta collage, and based the primary nationwide Mohammedan organization in 1877, a political association important to selling sleek Muslim notion. Ali moved again to London in 1904, setting up the London Muslim League in 1908 and the 1st London mosque in 1910. Ali persevered to jot down and make breakthroughs for Muslims till his demise in 1928.

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