The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee: Evolution and by Jared Diamond

By Jared Diamond

The improvement of a unprecedented SpeciesWe people proportion ninety eight percentage of our genes with chimpanzees. but people are the dominant species in the world -- having based civilizations and religions, built problematic and various types of conversation, discovered technology, outfitted towns, and created breathtaking artworks -- whereas chimps stay animals involved basically with the fundamental prerequisites of survival. what's it approximately that percentage distinction in DNA that has created this sort of divergence among evolutionary cousins? during this interesting, provocative, passionate, humorous, forever unique paintings, well known Pulitzer Prizewinning writer and scientist Jared Diamond explores how the extreme human animal, in a remarkably short while, built the means to rule the realm . . . and the skill to irrevocably smash it.

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This interpretation seems to me to account for the lack of evidence for Neanderthal/Cro-Magnon hybrids. Speech is of overwhelming importance in the relations between men and women and their children. That is not to deny that mute or deaf people learn to function well in our culture, but they do so by learning to find alternatives for a spoken language that already exists. If Neanderthal language was much simpler than ours or non-existent, it is not surprising that CroMagnons did not choose to marry Neanderthals.

Hence an adequate discussion of our uniquely human life-cycle must account for our combination of marriage with extramarital sex. As Chapter Four will show, animal precedents exist to help us make evolutionary sense of our combination: men and women tend to differ in their attitudes towards extramarital sex much as geese and ganders do. Chapter Five turns to another distinctive human life-cycle trait: how we select our sex partners, marital or otherwise. That problem scarcely arises for baboon troops, in which there is little selection: any male tries to mate with each female as she comes into heat.

If so, a Neanderthal pregnancy might have lasted a year, instead of our nine months. Besides their bones, our other main source of information about Neanderthals is their stone tools. Like the earlier human tools, Neanderthal tools may have been simple hand-held stones not mounted on separate parts such as handles. The tools do not fall into distinct types with unique functions. There were no standardized bone tools, no bows and arrows. Some of the stone tools were undoubtedly used to make wooden tools, which rarely survive.

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