The PR Buzz Factor: How Using Public Relations Can Boost by Russell Lawson

By Russell Lawson

A ''hands-on'' workbook, intentionally written in a pragmatic, interactive solution to support small companies in achieving tangible, bottom-line advantages.

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In simplistic terms, the role of qualitative research is to tell you why; quantitative research tells you how many. The methods are quite different and so are the answers, which is why it is important to think about the answers you want and how they will be used right at the beginning. Qualitative research should be used when you really want to understand in detail why an individual does something. Qualitative research is particularly useful as a tool for determining what is important to people and why it is important.

Their improvised nature stems from the unpredictability of conflict. By its very nature, a plan that says ‘Right, we’ll storm up the right flank and then smash the centre from behind’ is a strategy. A plan such as ‘Look, they’re running! ’ is a tactic. But don’t get this wrong: tactics don’t have to be dumb and strategies smart. Something as simple as ‘I’ll deprive my opponent of resources’ is, if not your strategy, an element of your strategy (and you can make it 90 per cent of your strategy).

Despite a tactic being usually improvised, you can come to know and understand when to use a specific one. Again, this requires analysing your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, the positioning of your ‘forces’, and timing! So to recap, definitions of strategy and tactics are: 36 The PR buzz factor • strategy: planning for the big picture; • tactics: creating and exploiting opportunities when they arise. This is war! It is widely accepted that, after their defeat in the Second World War, the Japanese were the first to embrace the ideal of ‘business is war’.

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