The Pope's Children: The Irish Economic Triumph and the Rise by David McWilliams

By David McWilliams

Named for the ironic accident of the Irish child growth of the Nineteen Seventies, which peaked 9 months to the day after Pope John Paul II s historical stopover at to Dublin, The Pope s little ones is either a party and bitingly humorous portrait of the 1st iteration of the Celtic Tiger the beneficiaries of the commercial miracle that propelled eire from centuries of deprivation right into a country that now enjoys one of many optimum dwelling criteria on the earth.

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However, the country they find themselves in today is markedly different to that which existed in 1979. Nineteen-seventy-nine was the year everything changed in Ireland. Until then, Ireland had closed herself off to many of the cosmopolitan influences that were shaping the globe. This was explicit. Ireland was seen as Hibernian, unique in its culture, religion and history. So instead of taking ideas from the outside and molding them to suit ourselves, there existed a view that outside influences could only dilute what made the Irish special and were to be repelled at all costs.

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