The Mystery of the Anasazi Civilization by Sam Osmanagich

By Sam Osmanagich

The skin of the Earth over the past million years presents facts of the incidence of eighteen ice a long time every one lasting a couple of hundred thousand years. among them there have been brief sessions of warming, which lasted not more than twelve thousand years. these have been the days whilst new existence cycles might commence. lifestyles blossomed, the planet became eco-friendly, and the sounds of assorted dwelling beings should be heard such a lot everywhere.
We at the moment are on the finish of 1 such transitority hot interval which all started 11,500 years in the past. we're speedily impending one other ice age. weather adjustments will accentuate, chilly areas turns into even less warm, hot areas even hotter. one other cycle will come to an finish. The dominant civilization will come to an finish and it'll take many generations earlier than one other cycle starts off over from the beginning.
The thread which connects the civilizations of varied hot classes may be misplaced. Or it will possibly live on right here and there via oral culture or maybe a few written record. Then it's going to develop into a legend with a purpose to, with time, be dissolved within the forces that are attached by way of fable and imagination.
Will our far-off descendants find out about us or will they believe that they're the “first clever civilization in the world” simply as we proudly think ourselves to be, in our lack of knowledge? Will they have the capacity to take pleasure in the diversity and spirituality which we appear to be incapable of comprehending? taking a look towards the longer term, we will speak about the earlier. now not a very far away previous. A those that arose while that we ourselves did. And who shared one small a part of our planet. And approximately whom we now have forgotten as though they'd by no means existed.
Not a lot of them has been left in the back of. The ruins of constructions and buildings for astronomy. An occasional glyph within the stone. And an occasional legend advised by way of those that got here lengthy when they had departed.
Three hundred years isn't really decades for a civilization. actually, by way of strictly clinical criteria it'd be tricky to discuss this as a “civilization”. particularly on the grounds that we don't have any trustworthy facts approximately the place they got here from, there aren't any written records describing what they knew, and it truly is nonetheless a secret as to why they deserted their houses by no means back to return.
Their towns were named by means of names which we now have given them. we don't comprehend what names they gave them. the aim of definite unusual buildings we will be able to basically bet at. that's the problem of this ebook. From the intensity of cosmic background to carry to the outside at the least a few small a part of the data of these who're now not here.
So that it may now not be forgotten.
We name them the “Anasazi”.

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Thirteen petroglyphs have been found, geometric symbols carved into the stone cliffs. Every petroglyph participates in a game of light and shadow during the key positions of the sun and moon in the heavens, including spring and autumn equinox and summer and winter solstice. The precision of the locations of these petroglyphs is phenomenal: on only one day of the year do the sun's or moon's rays reach the appropriate point of the petroglyph. On this sacred hill of the Anasazi, remains were found of several structures and ceramics.

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