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Abu Hurairah narrated that a man had sexual relation with his wife while he was fasting in Ramadan. ” [Muslim] *Islam has made it expiation for physically abusing a slave. ” [Muslim] The religion of Islam keenly seeks to free slaves, as can be seen in the following: In the period of Ignorance before the advent of Islam, the disbelievers had a custom of prohibiting themselves from their wives and vice versa as a result of a fight, etc. They would say, " You are like the back of my mother," and they would discontinue having marital relations.

The Noble Qur'an clarifies 62 the share which should be given to children parents, spouses, and kith and kin in Surah an-Nisaa in three verses: 11, 12, and 176. The Prophet () also said: “Indeed Allah has given each person his due right. ” [Abu Dawood & at-Tirmidhi] [31] The religion of Islam has legislated the way one can bequeath a portion of his wealth. Every Muslim has the right to bequeath a portion of his wealth which they wish to be used after his death for a righteous cause in order that it be counted for him as a continuous charity.

At-Tirmidhi] G) The religion of Islam has given certain rights to every individual, each according to their different roles in society. This is to ensure that life carries on smoothly and in the best manner, and that all may take full benefit from the religion. Parents, children, relatives, neighbors, friends, etc. all have specific rights mandated for them in Islam. Allah () says: Worship Allah and join none with Him in worship, and do good to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, the poor, the neighbor who is near of kin, the neighbor who is a stranger, the companion by your side, the wayfarer [you meet], and those [slaves] whom your right hands possess.

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