The Makeover Myth: The Real Story Behind Cosmetic Surgery, by M.D. Snodgrass Bethanne

By M.D. Snodgrass Bethanne

The Makeover fantasy provide you with details and instruments that can assist you get earlier the glitz, know about beauty treatment realities, and discover a able general practitioner who has your most sensible pursuits at middle. Dr. Snodgrass attracts on her years of medical adventure to deal with matters resembling: the incorrect information portrayed in fact indicates like severe Makeover and The Swan; the dangers and issues that your physician would possibly not let you know and that you simply definitely will not pay attention approximately at the fact exhibits; the reality in regards to the proliferation of physicians appearing plastic surgery and comparable systems who weren't informed in cosmetic surgery residencies; the most typical systems, clinical and non–prescription items and different scorching issues in beauty drugs; and what fairly concerns for those who decide on your supplier and position of provider.

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However, surgery strictly for the sake of beauty was long considered a reckless gamble because, despite its appeal, any purely elective surgery undertaken before the adoption of antiseptic (clean) techniques and anesthesia was risky and painful. Neither of these critical features of surgical care that we take for granted today was widely used until the second half of the nineteenth century. By the early twentieth century beauty doctors (and some reputable physicians) were performing a variety of cosmetic procedures, including nose reshaping, facelifts, eyelid surgery, chemical peels, ear surgery, breast enlargement, and penis enlargement.

Physical beauty and fashion used to be concerns mainly of the upper classes. A servant who was caught trying to look fashionable might be punished for overstepping her “place” or perhaps for appearing to mock her superiors. The industrialization and social forces that swept America at the turn of the twentieth century changed the social hierarchy of beauty. Widespread dissemination of images of beauty and feminine ideals ultimately democratized beauty and brought hairstyling and makeup advice to the masses.

Nearly everyone has seen pictures of the Padaung girls of Myanmar who, starting at the age of five, have brass neck rings placed to elongate their spines. In some African tribes the women stretch their earlobes and lips into hanging appendages. Contemporary cosmetic enhancements also include leg lengthening, toe shortening, genital recontouring, and anal bleaching. Western males have not been immune to the desire for physical enhancement. In America, Colonial men wore makeup and elaborate wigs.

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