The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

By Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

This well known e-book dispels the ambiguities surrounding the honorable Shari'ah, and to satisfy the basic wishes of the Muslims in present age. It clarifies the Halal(Lawful) and why it truly is Halal, and the Haram (Prohibited) and why it truly is Haram, pertaining to the e-book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger (Peace be upon him). It solutions the entire questions which could face the Muslims this present day, and refutes the ambiguities and lies approximately Islam.

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3 The third case consists of such things as the statement of God’s Messenger (ßAAS) to Hind bint ¢Utbah, the wife of Ab‰ Sufy¥n. When she told him: “O God’s Apostle! ”4 Scholars have also differed regarding the connotation of this statement. Did the Prophet (ßAAS) make it in his capacity as conveyor and transmitter of revelation and deliverer of religious edicts? Therefore, is it permissible for anyone who claims what is rightfully his, or the equivalent of what is rightfully his, to take it without the knowledge of his rival?

We used to rent the land on the basis that the yield of a specific portion of it was to be given to the landlord. , while the rest remained safe and vice versa, so the Prophet (ßAAS) forbade this practice. 17 Hence, he understood the reason for this prohibition to be the risk entailed in the contracts that his people used to conclude. qxp 24 13/9/06 11:07 Page 24 ibn ashur treatise on maq®ßid al-shari¢ah Second Example: In the chapter “The Delegation of the Yemen” (Wafd al-Yaman), Bukh¥rÏ narrated that Khabb¥b ibn al-Aratt went to visit ¢Abd All¥h ibn Mas¢‰d.

Is it not clear that we are quite certain that the meaning of the phrase “Fasting is prescribed (kutiba) for you” (2:183) is that God has made the fast obligatory? If someone were to say that the apparent meaning of this expression is that fasting is written on paper, that person would be absolutely wrong. Because the text of the Qur’an is established beyond any doubt (qa~¢Ï) by continual multiple transmission (mutaw¥tir), there is certainty in attributing its content to the Lawgiver. Nevertheless, because the meaning of its verses might be conjectural and speculative (·annÏ), it is required for our purpose that their signification be clear so that it would preclude the possibility of the existence of another meaning.

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