The I of leadership : strategies for seeing, being and doing by Nigel Nicholson

By Nigel Nicholson

This publication offers insights and looking questions about the character of human management. With tales and examples from the lives of leaders, from the activities stadium to the White condo to the place of work of the CEO, it illustrates how the ability of leaders to determine what others don't see frames their activities and permits them to remodel, construct, ruin, or stabilize.


this can be the management booklet you need to learn: a barn-storming new tackle what makes aversatile, built-in and potent leader. Read more...

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Genghis Khan Twenty-six is a nice age. You are properly into adulthood, full of vitality and ready for life’s challenges.  . Not if your name is Hannibal the Great or Elizabeth Tudor. Both these individuals assumed command of their peoples at this age: one in Carthage in 219 BC, the other of the great maritime nation of England a while later in 1565. Neither had much time to figure out the meaning of leadership. 1 Seething at the oppression of the distant Romans and their threats to come into his country to subdue it with force, Hannibal conceived a 35 THE “I” OF LEADERSHIP bold plan to challenge their domination of the Mediterranean.

The results were startling. The two approaches gave rise to radically different patterns of social power and interaction. The centralized model reinforced the tough, competitive dominance model; the decentralized model yielded a much more harmonious, cooperative and democratic order. 22 In both cases there is leadership. The difference is that in the one it is highly visible in the open contests of alpha males; in the other, they have to secure trust as much as inspire fear. HUMAN LEADER S H I P When a flock of birds simultaneously takes to the air, or when a herd of buffalo wheel and turn as one, it is a miracle of coordination.

He describes the various subtle and not so subtle means by which “upstartism” is checked – joshing humor, ridicule, indirect communication, the silent treatment, isolation and the ultimate sanction in any tribe, excommunication. Let’s come back to our world. At your local tennis club the same patterns may be observed. The Head Coach has certain rights, as does the Club Secretary, but members will quite gently let them know if they are overstepping a clear but invisible line of acceptable authority.

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