The Holistic Guide to Weight Loss, Anti-aging and Fat by ND Thomas Goode

By ND Thomas Goode

Providing strategies for society's obese epidemic, this consultant info how one can for my part in attaining and preserve a fit weight whereas having better power and feeling extra comfy.

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We can choose discipline, or we automatically choose regret. WHAT MATTERS We can be more or we can be less. We can create meaningful rituals of self-love where we breathe, eat, exercise, and give our body quiet time — OR we can experience ourselves as less than all that we could be. TRAINING WHEELS Rituals provide us with structure, a framework to build upon. A morning ritual that involves breathing, stretching, exercise and meditation only need be repeated for a few short weeks before it becomes a habit.

ONE DISEASE I am a naturopath, a teacher-physician who sees and treats one disease: toxemia. Every disease can be related to the accumulation of toxic substances in our glands, organs, and blood. Obesity is a disease subject to the same rules. We get fat because we become toxic. EVERYWHERE We breathe, eat, drink and surround ourselves with toxins. They are found in the environment and in the substances we use to control our environment. Our health improves immediately when we eliminate toxins within and around us.

For example, when may have been given food as a substitute when requiring only loving attention. Now when the feeling arises, we turn to food as a form of affection. CARROT We likely associated eating with rewards and pleasure. Many of us remember that our goal was to have dessert, and eating everything else was just a means to earn it. AND STICK If we were often sent to bed without a meal, we likely remember food differently than if it had always been available. A lifetime of overeating can be the result of having food withheld from us as children.

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