The Facts On File Algebra Handbook (Facts on File Science by Deborah Todd

By Deborah Todd

His e-book is designed to offer scholars a vast figuring out of the fundamentals of algebra. Algebra basics are crucial for fixing difficulties in different elements of arithmetic besides, resembling algebraic geometry. The proof On dossier Algebra instruction manual grants algebra made effortless and available to every person.

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R Radius rational number Any INTEGER, or RATIO of integers, that can be written as a 3 FRACTION, as long as zero is not the DENOMINATOR. 36. real number Any number, whether rational or irrational, that can be written with a DECIMAL and is not an IMAGINARY NUMBER. reciprocal The mirror image of a FRACTION, in which the NUMERATOR and 1 3 DENOMINATOR are inverted. For example, the reciprocal of – is –, the 3 1 reciprocal of –52 is –25 , and so on. See also SECTION IV CHARTS AND TABLES. rectangle A right-angled PARALLELOGRAM (QUADRILATERAL).

For example, 12, 24, and 36 are common multiples of both 3 and 4, and the least common multiple is 12. a legs b Legs The two sides of a RIGHT TRIANGLE that are not the HYPOTENUSE. like terms Any TERMs that have the same VARIABLE but different COEFFICIENTs. For example, 3x + 7x has the same variable x. line segment A piece of a straight line that is a specific length, and usually marked at the ends, for example, with A and B, to show that it is a particular line segment. For example, A ———— B. The shortest DISTANCE between two points is a straight line, which is a line segment.

For example, in 3 × 3 × 3, the root is 3; in 4 × 4, the root is 4; in 54, the root is 5, and so on. roster method of specification (list method) The method in which the elements or MEMBERS of a SET are listed. For example, A = {2, 4, 6, 8}. An alternative method of listing elements of a set is the DESCRIPTION METHOD OF SPECIFICATION. round angle An ANGLE that measures exactly 360°. rounding down function The process of lowering a number to the next greatest number. 31, and when rounding this decimal down to a WHOLE NUMBER, that next greatest value is 4.

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