The Connected Company by Dave Gray

By Dave Gray

The way forward for paintings is already here.

Customers are adopting disruptive applied sciences quicker than your organization can adapt. while your buyers are extremely joyful, they could enlarge your message in ways in which have been by no means sooner than attainable. but if your company’s functionality runs in need of what you’ve promised, clients can grab regulate of your model message, spreading their unhappiness and frustration speedier than you could hold up.

To hold velocity with today’s attached shoppers, your organization needs to develop into a attached corporation. that implies deeply enticing with staff, companions, and consumers, altering how paintings is completed, the way you degree good fortune, and the way functionality is rewarded. It calls for a brand new frame of mind approximately your organization: much less like a computer to be managed, and extra like a posh, dynamic approach that may research and adapt over time.

Connected businesses have the virtue, simply because they examine and circulate speedier than their rivals. whereas others paintings in isolation, they hyperlink into wealthy networks of chance and extend their influence.

Connected businesses worldwide are aggressively buying consumers and disrupting the contest. In The hooked up Company, we learn what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and why it really works. And we express you ways your organization can use an identical rules to adapt—and thrive—in today’s ever-changing international marketplace.

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EVERYTHING IS A SERVICE / CHAPTER 3 25 Products come with knowledge and services embedded within them. A car is the manifestation of years of learning, accumulated through research, crash testing, metallurgy, electrical engineering, design, and a score of other disciplines, including good old trial and error. And as we have seen, a car itself provides the service of getting you comfortably from one place to another. The ratio of knowledge to matter in any product increasingly favors knowledge. A modern car contains more computing power than the system that guided Apollo astronauts to the moon.

Since costs aren’t sunk into a single product, it’s easier to shift the offering and keep pace with customer demands. Like looking through a telescope the wrong way around, for many people who have become habituated to a product orientation, this inversion to servicedominant logic will at first feel unnatural and uncomfortable. The good news is that there is huge room for improvement, and companies that dedicate themselves to improving services stand to make significant gains in profitability and competitive advantage.

Customers have lots of things they are trying to do, and lots of ways they are trying to do them. And you have lots of competitors who are trying to offer them better, cheaper, faster, easier ways to do those things. And while customers are always looking for these better, faster, cheaper ways to do things, technology isn’t standing still. As the front edge of technological change gets bigger, its surface area also grows, like an ever-expanding balloon. Every new technology adds one more set of capabilities that the next generation of technology can expand on.

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