The Book of Sufi Healing by G. M. Chishti

By G. M. Chishti

For the Sufis, the therapeutic of the ill is taken into account to be crucial of all companies to humanity. For the 1st time within the West, the writer provides the key rules and practices of this divine technological know-how, in response to the 800-year culture of the Chishti Order. one of the subject matters lined are nutritional thoughts of the Prophet, the guidance of natural formulation, therapeutic with crucial oils, health problems bobbing up at quite a few levels of the soul's evolution, fasting and prayer, talismans, and the ''infallible remedy.'' 

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He then asked me to rePeatSrirat al-lkhl5g one thousand times. I did it. " Accordingly I spent the whole of one day and one night in continuous €alAf and reappearedbefore him. He askedme to sit down and repeat Srirat al-lkhlig again one thousand times. I did so. "I 36 I TheBookol Suli Huling said, "Up lo al-tqrshal-mucaln"[the Zenith of the Divine Throne]. " I did so. "1said, "Down to the tqlllothlhsm"lthe Abyss of Hell]. He then askedme to sit down and repeatSurat al-Ikhlig one thousand times.

For the Sufis,the main sourceof breathingpracticesis the Holy Qur'an itself. The various breath starts and stops are marked in the text of the Qur'an and employdegreesof difficulty up through elevenlevelsof recitation. The vowels,in particular,are frequentlyelongatedand held for more than a normal single beat in reciting. Although only a few personsas a practical matter can recite at the advancedlevels, it is possibleto find cassettetapesof suchperformancesby shaykhsrecitingthe Holy Qur'an. In thesephenomenallystirring recordings,one can hear sustainedrecitations lastingup to two minuteswith one breathexpulsion,andmovementthrough four and five octaveranges.

Some sensesare more powerful than others. Somesay that smell is relatedto memory. For instance,when walking down the street,one can encountera scent,such as that of baking bread,and almost immediatelyit reachesthe TheSretiont of theSoul127 nostrils, one has a flashbackto some childhoodmemory. The scienceof aromatherapyis basedupon the preeminenceof the senseof smell. rf,or essence. A pure,naturalfloral oil may be used for its antisepticeffect on a wound. The Sufis have classifiedflowers accordingto their effect upon the soul in its evolution toward God.

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