The Apocalypse of Ahmadinejad: The Revelation of Iran's by Mark Hitchcock

By Mark Hitchcock

He stands purely 5-foot-4 and smiles ceaselessly. yet in the back of that charismatic personality beats the guts of a genocidal terrorist.Meet the World’s most threatening ManIn his provocative, well-researched expos? of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, prophecy professional Mark Hitchcock unveils the insidious schedule in the back of this radical Shiite’s regime: Ahmadinejad plans to hasten the go back of the Islamic messiah by way of ushering in his imaginative and prescient of the apocalypse.His final goal–driven via his fanatical ideology–is to carry the Mahdi, or 12th Imam, out of hiding. And he plans to take action by means of arming his state with nuclear guns, then exporting the Iranian revolution to the area by way of destroying Israel and the U.S.. yet there’s a weird and wonderful twist to Ahmadinejad’s nightmarish intentions: This ardent zealot could be a part of God’s plan to set the level for a situation prophesied greater than 2,500 years in the past. Hitchcock offers compelling proof that Ahmadinejad’s activities, together with his alliances with Russia and plenty of of Iran’s friends, have put his nation–and the world–on a collision path towards the warfare of Gog and Magog.Discover the reality approximately Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, his position in biblical prophecy, and what it ability for the world–and you.

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