TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH and escape the sickness industry by Elaine Hollingsworth

By Elaine Hollingsworth

In no-nonsense type Elaine describes the indications and reasons of many illnesses and provides confirmed usual treatments and nutrition adjustments that relieve and get rid of them. She explains the risks of widely-used meals and drinks, examines risky clinical techniques, potent substitute remedies, and exposes medical fraud and clinical misconduct that reason worldwide agony. Oswald Rentsch, Director and founding father of The Bowen remedy Academy, says this approximately Elaine’s ebook: “I have studied enormous quantities of well-being books and will say with walk in the park that Elaine’s booklet is the main finished of all. when you in simple terms learn one healthiness e-book this could be the one.”

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When the patient does not respond well to hydrocortisone, there are many factors to consider. For example, failure to produce adequate cortisol can be due to inadequate secretion of ACTH by the pituitary. Further, DHEA should be tested and the level corrected, if necessary. The potassium/sodium balance needs to be addressed as well. If these minerals are out of balance, the adrenal hormone, aldosterone, must be checked and regulated. Aldosterone has the important function of maintaining fluid levels in the body, as well as the right proportions of electrolytes.

Please remember that any anti-inflammatory medications can cause stomach bleeding and ulcers. Combining them with HCl increases this risk. Those fortunate people who have strong adrenal function will probably not need acid supplementation. Those on hydrocortisone, even in sub-replacement doses, should not use hydrochloric acid (see Chapter Two, Adrenal Insufficiency). In all the years that I have been involved with natural health, I have not encountered anyone who didn’t benefit from taking supplemental acid.

A lady who attended Hippocrates Health Centre told me that a tiny amount of MSG accidentally ingested in a restaurant caused her to vomit for 24 hours! I have seen friends become deathly ill after a Chinese meal, and when doctors were called in they warned them never to consume MSG again. Easier said than done, if you eat anything out of a packet, can or bottle. And reading labels is not a guarantee of safety, because the US government permits manufacturers to omit this unpopular additive from their labels unless the product contains 100% MSG!

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