Sports & Hobbies Math (Practical Math in Context) by Lucia McKay, Maggie Guscott

By Lucia McKay, Maggie Guscott

E-book by way of McKay, Lucia, Guscott, Maggie

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Answer: ______________________________________________________ 2. Marc has made a distance of 1,056 yards when he lands on the ‘START & FINISH’ square. Who wins the game, Geraldine or Marc? By how much? Answer: ______________________________________________________ Unit 5 • Sports 58 Sports, Hobbies, & Recreation Game Board for Distance Races Sports, Hobbies, & Recreation 59 Unit 5 • Sports Lesson 4 Example Setting Up To test the paragliding course, Pierce tows Odele using a 410-foot rope. The rope is attached to the top of a pole at the back of his speedboat.

During the first hour, Shawn wins 4 races and Jael wins 8. During the second hour, Shawn wins 9 races, and Jael only wins 3. At this point they have both won the same number of races. How many races had they each won when they started racing today? Answer: Shawn had won ______ races, and Jael had won ______. If you need to review, return to lesson 5 (page 23). Write Your Own Problem ✍ Choose a problem you liked from this unit. Write a similar problem using a situation and related facts from your own life.

The M rotates around the V, until it is upside down. How far has the person standing at point, E, moved from the original position? Solve Step 1: Make a small scale drawing of the M. Step 2: Now, keeping vertex V in place, rotate the M about the vertex V. Step 3: Draw a right triangle with vertices at the two positions of end E. Calculate the length of the base, b, and height, a, of the triangle. Mark these dimensions on the diagram. 20 yards × 2 = 40 yards The base and height of the triangle are twice the width and height of the original M.

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