Spend Shift: How the Post-Crisis Values Revolution Is by ''Gerzema, John''; ''D’Antonio, Michael''

By ''Gerzema, John''; ''D’Antonio, Michael''

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My parents were optimists and I am one too,” says Armin-Parcells. ” Behind him, in the window of a vacant store, his attitude was echoed in bright orange letters placed there by a local artist. ” The New American Frontier: Detroit, Michigan Exactly one month after the European film crew bustled out of the Inn on Ferry Street and flew off with the story of a down-and-out Detroit, a new mayor took the oath of office. Sixty-six-year-old Dave Bing is a different kind of leader. Considered one of the top fifty basketball players in history, Bing spent most of his pro years with the Detroit Pistons and built up such an enormous reservoir of goodwill that when the city needed a leader who wasn’t beholden to any traditional power brokers, he was the obvious choice.

She believes in the people she grew up with and in the advantages of urban living, especially in a future when high-cost energy makes a lifestyle built around the automobile too expensive and environmentally unsound. But as a young adult who never knew the thriving industrial Detroit, she’s unsentimental about the past. Her vision for the city calls for consolidating homes and businesses to create a few vibrant neighborhoods, and turning bulldozers loose on blighted areas. ” 11 12 Spend Shift No one’s self-image involves being a statistic or a data point in a survey, but Torya Blanchard represents several important trends that defy the negative assumption many experts share about Detroit and the future of the American economy.

Because it is difficult and expensive to transmit over great distances, Edison’s DC lost out to alternating current—AC— when the electric age began. AC, promoted by George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla, allowed for a single huge generating station to supply power for homes and businesses spread over hundreds if not thousands of square miles. To make use of this system, lights, appliances, and motors were all built to operate on AC, and it became the standard. The New American Frontier: Detroit, Michigan But the advantages inherent in this system came with some vulnerability.

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