Seven of Nine (Star Trek: Voyager) by Christie Golden

By Christie Golden

As soon as she used to be Annika Hansen, an blameless baby assimilated by way of the fearsome, all-conquering Borg. Now she is Seven of 9, a different mix of human biology and Borg know-how. bring to an end from the collective that has been her purely fact for many of her life, and compelled to affix the workforce of the Starship Voyager™, she needs to come to grips together with her amazing new setting -- and her personal misplaced individuality. Seven of 9 has already captured the mind's eye of fanatics around the globe. Now the main sensational new personality of the twenty-fourth century stars in her first full-length novel. Resistance is futile.

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But Chakotay wanted to see for himself how "intelligent, humorous, gentle, and helpful" this little band of refugees really was. He supposed the skepticism was the Maquis in him still, even after more than four years of wearing the Federation uniform. The thought sobered him. The Maquis were no more. Dead. Wiped out by the Cardassians, save for a handful lucky enough to be the Federation's prisoners. The hum of the transporter snapped him out of his melancholy and he smiled despite himself as their guests took solid shape and peered about curiously.

They seemed to have no real connection to her, it was as if, for a brief time, she became someone else, lived their lives, enacted their dreams and fears, and channeled their creativity. As before, her single eye welled with the wetness of tears. This alone was enough to convey to her that something powerful was occurring. Seven of Nine did not weep. She forced her hands to unclench, and with fingers that trembled so badly it took two tries, pressed her commbadge. " The words rasped against her throat.

When she was only eleven, her baby sister had been killed and the rest of her family had fled for their lives. Lyssa and her parents had survived, but they hadn't even had packs, like the Skedans. She wondered, as Lieutenant Ramirez and Ensign Dawson went through the shoddy packs that had clearly seen years of hard traveling, what had happened to the Skedan homeworld. One of the younger ones met her gaze and ambled over toward her. "Hello," it said, peering up at her shyly. "Well, hi," Lyssa smiled brightly.

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