Secret of the Pyramids (Choose Your Own Adventure, No. 19) by Richard Brightfield

By Richard Brightfield

Mystery of the Pyramids (Choose your individual event, No. 19)

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You realize that the "floor" you're standing on is a conveyor belt that is rapidly carrying you toward a wall of flame at the other end of the vault. You try frantically to run back to the door, but the belt is too fast. You are both swept into the thermal chamber—a chamber that so concentrates the energy of the sun that any object entering it is instantly vaporized. The End 39 As you start to leave the platform, the approaching figure greets you. "My name is Imhotep. I greet you from the past" "For a while there I thought we were in the past," you say.

Turn to page 26. 33 "I think we had better go down to my office," says Ahmed. " The inspector's office at headquarters is cluttered but organized in its own way. A row of file cabinets lines one side of the room. Ahmed pulls out a folder, opens it on one of the few bare sections of his long desk, and spreads out a collection of photographs for you to study. Somehow you are not surprised to see the man from the plane in one of the photos. You tell Ahmed the whole story. "The man you recognize is a member of the Assassins," says Ahmed.

The top third of the pyramid is sheathed in gold, polished to a mirror finish. The rest of the pyramid is painted in iridescent colors in horizontal stripes clear to the bottom. The early sunlight strikes the top of the pyramid and throws a blinding shaft of light straight up into the sky. You are so fascinated by this scene that it takes you several minutes to realize that the triangular viewscreen is gradually growing larger. As you watch, the entire wall of the room becomes a viewscreen, and the other three walls vanish completely.

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