Schooling in the ASEAN Region. Primary and Secondary by T. Neville Postlethwaite, R. Murray Thomas

By T. Neville Postlethwaite, R. Murray Thomas

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For a country like Thailand the matter of furnishing children instruction in the religion of their family's choice is not a serious problem, for nearly all Thais are Buddhists. But in certain sections of Indonesia, particularly in the larger cities, time is set aside each week for religious education, with children having the right to be instructed in their own faith (Moslem, Protestant Christian, Catholic, Bali-Hindu, Buddhist). When only a few children in a class or in a school are of a minor faith, it is often impossible to furnish a suitable instructor for them.

The financial and planning burden placed on a society with a high growth rate is enormous. In both Indonesia and Malaysia, 45 percent of the population is under age 15, so that nearly half the citizenry are in economically nonproductive age groups, and a large proportion of these children need schooling opportunities if they are to have a fair chance to succeed in the world that political idealists have promised them. Even if a nation has the financial support to provide the desired school facilities and staff, developing societies are not well equipped to prepare high-quality teachers, administrators, and teaching materials at the rate required.

However, the actual executive power is 40 Ways to View Schooling in ASEAN Countries held by the Cabinet, headed by the Prime Minister who is the leader of the political party that has won the most seats in a parliamentary election. Since gaining independence on July 4, 1946, the Republic of the Philippines has had a government modeled after that of the United States, a government headed by an elected president with a strong executive branch balanced by a bicameral congress. Voter participation in elections has been high.

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