Sacred Ground by Mercedes Lackey

By Mercedes Lackey

From the New York Times bestselling writer Mercedes Lackey comes modern delusion Sacred Ground―now again in print!

Jennifer Talldeer is Osage and Cherokee, granddaughter of a robust medication guy. She walks a tough course: opposite to tribal customized, she is studying a warrior's magics. a contract inner most investigator, Jennifer tracks down stolen local American artifacts.

The development of a brand new shopping center uncovers fragments of human bone, revealing attainable desecration of an historical burial flooring. in the meantime, the sabotage of development apparatus on the website implicates many activists―particularly Jennifer's past love, who's extra beautiful and hazardous than ever. Worst of all, the grave of Jennifer's mythical drugs guy ancestor has been destroyed, his instruments of energy scattered, and an exceptional evil freed to stroll the land.

Jennifer needs to make peace with the various factions and resolve the secret of her ancestor's grave prior to the area falls into oblivion.

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He was a tall man, like her father and brothers, and still held himself straight as a man decades his junior. Sometimes he reminded her of Jacques Cousteau; he had that same tough resiliency, like a weathered blackjack oak-and although age had weathered him, it had not twisted him. He wore his iron-gray hair long, in a single tight braid, though forty or fifty years ago he had sported a crewcut like everyone else in his neighborhood. He had been an aircraft mechanic, first with the Army Air Corps, then the Air Force, then at the small-aircraft side of the Tulsa Airport.

That's their job, and we are willing to let them do it," he continued. "It'll be murder charges before this is over, and an insurance company does not need to handle a potato as hot as that. What Romulus wants you to do is to look into who or what is behind this. Is it a conspiracy, and if it is, did the developer try to defraud us by concealing it? Or was this simply an isolated act of a single disgruntled employee? That's what we want to know. " "I can live with that," she told him, much relieved.

Someone as low-status as she was could safely be brushed off. Still, she had to try. "I'm Jennifer Talldeer, and I'm a private investigator representing the Lakotah Sioux," she said briskly, trying to put as much authority into her voice and the somewhat exaggerated relationship with her "clients" as she could. "My clients have traced a number of Lakotah artifacts to your possession, sir-or rather, to your wife's possession. These articles were illegally obtained by her great-grandfather from tribal hands.

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