Rethinking God as Gift: Marion, Derrida, and the Limits of by Robyn Horner

By Robyn Horner

Rethinking God as reward is positioned on the intersection of philosophy, severe thought and theology. the 1st sustained examine of the paintings of Jean-Luc Marion in English, it deals a different point of view on modern questions and their theological relevance. Taking its aspect of departure from the matter of the present as articulated by way of Jacques Derrida, who argues that the stipulations of danger of the present also are its stipulations of impossibility, Horner pursues a sequence of questions in regards to the nature of concept, the viability of phenomenology, and, such a lot urgently, the potential of grace. For Marion, phenomenology, because the considered the given, deals a course for philosophy to continue with no being implicated in metaphysics. His retrieval of a number of vital insights of Edmund Husserl, with his interpreting of Martin Heidegger and Emmanuel Lvinas, permits him to determine a phenomenology the place even impossiblephenomena akin to revelation and the reward may be tested. during this vital disagreement among Marion and Derrida concerns important to the negotiation of postmodern issues in philosophy and theology emerge with vigor. The cautious elucidation of these concerns in an interdisciplinary context, and the image it presents of the nation of up to date debate, make Rethinking God as present a major contribution to theological and philosophical dialogue.

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Which is not, which docs not exist as being present/ present being-is signaled on the basis of the gift. ”’ There is no “being” somehow “beyond” the world, but only being given in the mode of withdrawal, in the event of a p p r o p r i a t i o ~ ~ Being . ~ ~ “is” transcendent, but it is not a transcendent being. “ Once again, he struggles to express his intention. ” Disposing does not 111~an here scnding off, hut. t h e reverse:: it nlcans to bring the matter forth and leave it where it belongs.

O f 7 ’ h p Gji’ njDtwth, by Jacques Derrida, Modm ‘f/leolo~g12, no. 4 ( 1996): 495-96. n Hwssml4 Thwv OJS i p s , trans. David B. $PI. ‘“r “Briefly. it IS a question o f (1) the necessary transition from retentionto wj ~ w s r n t n l ~. o. ~in ~ the constitutmn of the presence o f a temporal object . ” Dernda, SI< 7. ’ From Heidegger’s perspective, Husserl makes a significant contribution to philosophy with his development of the phenomenological method. However, Heidegger developshis own application of the method, coincidingwith his attempt to move beyond philosophy (as metaphysics) to what he perceives to be a comprehensive ontology.

This reading does not exclude the others but perhaps allows them to be focused more precisely. 111 “Time and Being,” Heiclegger plays with the phrases “It gives Being” and “It gives There is obviously still a relationship between the giving of”being and the giving of time, but it is via a third “term,” if such it can be called. ”“> The event of appropriation gives being andgives time; itis the condition of possibility for being and time. ”xDerrida comments: This word Ewignis, which comrnonly signifies evcnt, signals toward a thinking of appropriation 01-of de-propriation that cannot be unrelated to that of the gift.

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