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5 Regulation of GnRH neuroterminals in the median eminence The median eminence is a site at which GnRH neurons are well-situated to receive converging inputs from other neuronal systems via synaptic or nonsynaptic transmission. The findings that numerous neurotransmitters have neuroterminals in the median eminence that overlap substantially with GnRH fibers indicates the likelihood that many of these substances also regulate GnRH release at this level (Chapter 4), and suggests that this may be an important mode of regulation.

1992), and a higher correspondence of GnRH and LH pulses than was determined by push-pull perfusion. , 1992). This indicates that as in ewes, both the "tonic" and "surge" mechanisms of GnRH release can co-exist in the female monkey. , 1993). , 1993), suggesting variability in pulsatile GnRH release across the menstrual cycle. Most of the other reports on circhoral GnRH release in the female rhesus monkey have focused on neurotransmitters involved in its regulation. , 1988). , 1992; Woller and Terasawa, 1991).

1982). , 1982) and habenula (via the stria medullaris; Barry, 1979; Muske and Moore, 1994). Another study demonstrated that some GnRH neurons terminate in the OVL T (Kawano and Daikoku, 1981). , 1985). Other projections of GnRH fibers within the hypothalamus include those to the suprachiasmatic area (reviewed in Barry, 1979) and even to cerebrospinal fluid (Kuenzel and Blahser, 1991). , 1982). Finally, GnRH fibers can project to the brainstem (ventral medulla and spinal cord), although this has only been reported in non-mammalian species (reviewed in Muske, 1993).

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