Research and Development in Information Retrieval: by Norbert Henrichs (auth.), Gerard Salton, Hans-Jochen

By Norbert Henrichs (auth.), Gerard Salton, Hans-Jochen Schneider (eds.)

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0 l:lJ:i9 CD_ ·-uD ou I o o 0 CP QP o o f c.. JlQo.. 25 ••• • 0 0 0,35 • 0 l r#. • • • •-. ,. • . L. •. . • ... • -·. •• • • ~ •• .... --r--r--r' 0,0020 70 80 90 reproduction number Figure I. m inner diameter 27 em length , fused silica. P. Riechel eta/. 36 3,0 1 0,014 8. · 0 .. · 10 100 10 120 -~IJ'IIIINI 0,010 ~ "g 0,008 0,006 I 0,004 0,002 0,000 0 0,5 1,5 1,0 2,0 2,5 3,5 3,0 migration time [min) Figure 2. 6. 6, 10 kV voltage applied; capillary dimension s: 50 11m x 27 em fused silica.

Coppel. R. L.. and Hutchens, T. W. ( 1996) Cryptic antigenic determinants on the extracellular pyruvate dehydrogenase complex/mimeotope found in primary biliary cirrhosis. A probe by affinity mass spectrometry. J. Bioi. Chern. 271. 32825-32833. 19. , Yip, T. , Yip, C. , and Hutchens, T. W. Bactericidal domain oflactoferrin. Detection,quantitation, and characterization oflactoferricin in serum by SELDI atllnity mass spectrometry. Manuscript in preparation 20. Hutchens, T. , Nelson, R. , Allen, M.

Asp 187, which is absent in all other lactoferrins. The loops of two domains come very close to each other at the mouth of cleft Also, a hydrophobic contact between Pro 42 and Phe 183 at the mouth of the cleft is found only in hLf. In bLf and mLf Phe 183 is changed to Cys which forms disulfide bridge with 161 Cys of same domain. The function of the disulfide bridge is not very clear. The structures of apo mLf and bLf can throw light on functional aspect of S-S bond. Other direct interdomain interaction in N-Iobe involves Arg 210 behind iron site in mare and human, which in bovine, residue is changed to Lys which does not have direct interaction.

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