Real Time: Preparing for the Age of the Never Satisfied by Regis McKenna

By Regis McKenna

The focal point of this booklet is real-time, an international of quick gratification and countless chance. It offers particular examples and concepts from businesses which are checking out the bounds of area and time, and comprises corporation website addresses.

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Surfing this information highway, one can access millions of documents, photos, books, and movies as well as e-mail friends and associates anywhere, anytime. , Network Wizards, January 1997. com) Page 26 managers to peruse. As bandwidth expands, images of extraordinary complexity will be transmittable: you could say that a picture or graph will in the future be worth not one hundred words but one hundred million words. Now, computer power at the service of communications delivers information where and when it is needed and in a form chosen by the user.

The twenty-first century's infrastructure of satellites, ground stations, and wireless networks is being put in place in a fraction of that time. A global nervous system is being assembled that can tap into the whole Pandora's box of human affairs. human affairs. Computer nerds and neophytes alike are being united in quasi-communities founded on whizzing bits. A global nervous system is being assembled, linking ideas, information, images, and the cultural repositories of nationsthe whole Pandora's box of human affairsthat can be tapped into by anyone with a telephone, a TV, a personal computer, or a device that combines all three.

They saw the commercial as needed encouragement during a period of turmoil, inordinate time pressure, and insecurity caused by women's changing roles. But it was technologyfrom modern appliances to the birth control pillthat gave women the option to alter their roles and stretch their definitions of themselves. In the age of real time, given the opportunity to pack even more into a day and live out still other identities, most women will take it. They will want devices like the one that was the subject of the other story in the Times that day: a new AT&T cellular telephone with a tiny three-line display screen, integrating voice and Internet services, capable of browsing the World Wide Web, and permitting absolutely no excuse for not answering e-mail from anywhere.

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