Proverbs by John W. Miller

By John W. Miller

This is stable scholarship with convinced unpopular twists and interpretations. rather than a pedantic verse by means of verse strategy, this thematic therapy of Proverbs presents an incredibly modern guide on a few serious problems with Christian discipleship. Miller deals very precious pastoral insights for the 21st-century preacher. —James M. Lapp, Franconia Mennonite convention The nineteenth quantity within the Believers Church Bible remark sequence is exclusive for its precise uncovering of facts for 2 variations of Proverbs, a primary for the time of Solomon and a moment in help of King Hezekiah’s ancient non secular reforms. during this mild heretofore difficult good points of the book’s layout, objective and message are clarified and the book’s relevance for its time and ours is vastly superior. "Proverbs is a treasury of God’s knowledge, and John Miller is a proficient consultant to its right interpretation. He has given the church a transparent, attention-grabbing, and insightful statement in this vital biblical book."—Tremper Longman, Westmont collage

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A young man (1:4b). The young man referred to is not a child, but an older youth like the one in the story recounted in chapter 7. He is not necessarily evil or rebellious. , lacks heart, 7:7b). He needs to be educated. , given) prudence (‘orma-h, discretion), knowledge (da‘at), and common sense (mezima-h). The method to be used in educating him is briefly alluded to in 1:6. It entails understanding diverse types of literature: a thought-provoking poem (mashal), a metaphorical saying (Hab 2:6), insightful words of the wise, enigmas or riddles (Ps 49:45)—in short, the kind of “words” that follow in this book [Words for Wisdom and Folly].

One purse, 1:14). : še’ôl), in the imagination of the time a shadowy world beneath the earth to which departed spirits go, without any hope of return. Verse 1:16 is redundant and missing in the Greek version of the book [Hebrew and Greek Texts]. The poem’s closing admonition, Do not set foot on their paths (1:15), is buttressed with urgent warnings about how reckless and self-destructive these thugs actually are (1:1719). Although rather unclear, “the most plausible interpretation of v. 17” (Whybray, 1994) is that they are being likened to greedy birds blind to a net laid out in plain sight for trapping them (1:17): They waylay only themselves!

1 Kgs 2:12–11:42). Purpose Statement (with Insert) 1:2-6 Four of the verses that follow (1:2, 3, 4, 6) begin with infinitive verbs that connect them to each other and verse one (1:1). They state what the book’s general purpose is (1:2-3a), its subject matter (1:3b), its intended audience (1:4), as well as its study methods (1:6). , knowing) wisdom and discipline (1:2a). Wisdom (¤okmah) is competence and skill “in any domain” (Fox: 32); discipline (mûsa-r) is the educational process required for attaining 38 Proverbs 1:1-7 such competence.

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