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Embryo development is faster in buffalo than in bovine. Therefore, the maintenance of pregnancy is due to either the embryo capacity of signalling its presence or the mother capacity of recognizing these signals and maintaining an adequate uterine environment. Embryo implantation commences around Day 30 in cattle and is presumed to be similar in buffalo. The advent of ultrasonography has contributed in the field of buffaloes reproduction, leading to new information on follicular development, pregnancy diagnosis, fetal sex determination, folliculocenteses, diagnosis of abnormalities of the reproductive organs, monitoring of treatment of ovarian cysts, monitoring of postpartum genital resumption, ultrasound-guided centesis and male genital ultrasonography.

S. (2001) Pregnancy-specific glycoproteins function as immunomodulators by inducing secretion of IL-10, IL-6 and TGF-beta1 by human monocytes. Am J. Reprod. , 45, 205-216. Sorensen, S. (1982) Heterogeneity of the pregnancy-specific beta 1-glycoprotein (SP1). Clin. Chim. , 121, 199-208. Sorensen, S. (1984) Pregnancy-"specific" beta 1-glycoprotein (SP1): purification, characterization, quantification and clinical application in malignancies (a review). Tumour Biol, 5, 275-302. J. E. (1993) Elevated second-trimester human chorionic gonadotropin and subsequent pregnancyinduced hypertension.

Therefore, the same calving period is conditioned by the neuroendocrine system sensitivity, for the re-activation of the reproductive cycle, short day breeder (negative photoperiod) or long breeder (positive photoperiod) as regards the length of gestation. , 1996]. In water buffalo, whose pregnancy lasts 34 G. Campanile, G. Neglia, D. Vecchio et al. approximately 10 months, the sensibility to decreasing of light stimulus and the reproductive season, coincides in the northern hemisphere to the period between September and January.

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