Precambrian Geology. The Dynamic Evolution of the by Alan M. Goodwin

By Alan M. Goodwin

The most objective of this publication is to supply a latest finished assertion at the Earth's Precambrian crust. It makes use of geographic and tectonic position, lithostratigraphy, geochronology, and petrogenesis as a foundation for contemplating Precambrian coastal evolution--including the position of plate tectonics. distinctive attention is given to the endogenic and exogenic procedures which shaped the continental crust and likewise to its next secular evolution throughout Precambrian time**An crucial reference quantity for each Precambrian geologist

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L-3f(i)) illustrated is that of the IUGS Subcommission on Stratigraphy (Tankard et al 1982, Plumb and James 1986). Some of the boundaries are highly diachronous. 57 ! 5 Units and Events Final C r a t o n i z a t i o n of A m a z o n i a n Craton S u n s a s - A g u a p e i (Rondonian) Belts ( 1 . 0 G a ) Esplnhaço, U r u a ^ u a n o s fold systems, C h a p a d a Diamanhno San I g n a c i o Belt (c. 1 . 3 G a ) . 6 G a ) . 2 G a ) Craton). platform sediments. San Ignacio Belt protoliths. 9 G a ).

Thus detrital zircons in Mt Narryer quartzite provide some U—Pb ages of 4100—4276 Ma (Froude et al 1983, Compston and Pidgeon 1986). 7 Ga-old layered gabbroanorthosite intrusion, representing the oldest known terrestrial anorthosite (Myers 1988a,b). 9 Ga respectively. 6) Ga, encompasses the deposition, orogenesis, transitional tectonism and cratonization of much of the basement rocks of the North Australian Craton, including the Halls Creek, Pine Creek, Tennant Creek and (partly) Mount Isa inliers.

4 Ga). Cratonization of Dravidian Shield. Major crust-forming event. Thick stable crust. Closepet, Chitradurga, Bundelkhand, etc. 6Ga). Platform sediments ( S. Highlands = Granulite Domain). 6 G a ) . 6Ga). Peninsular Gneiss. Charnockites. 1Ga). 5 Ga). 1 Ga). 1Ga. Gorur Gneiss. Tonalités. 3Ga). Sargur enclaves (Dharwar Craton) ( + 3 . 4 Ga). 0—' Fig. 1-3g. Summary chrono-stratigraphic development of Precambrian crust of the Indian Platform. Salient crustal units and events are arranged in relation to internal orogenies and resulting tectonic cycles.

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