Prague studies in mathematical linguistics 10 by Eva Hajicová, Marie Tesitelová, Ján Horecký

By Eva Hajicová, Marie Tesitelová, Ján Horecký

Includes 14 papers via Czech experts in mathematical linguistics and is split into components: contributions on quantitative linguistics and people dedicated to formal description of typical language. at the evaluate of quantitative info, realization is paid to semantic quantitative research.

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Language Change and Variation

The examine of language version in social context keeps to carry the eye of a giant variety of linguists. This examine is promoted by means of the yearly colloquia on New methods of reading edition in English' (NWAVE). This quantity is a variety of revised papers from the NWAVE XI, held at Georgetown college.

Diachronic problems in phonosymbolism

Phonosymbolism, or sound symbolism (Lautsymbolik), is a crucial component of language development. Many critical students, even if, have seemed it with embarrassment or indifference. A wary reintroduction of phonosymbolism as an element chargeable for alterations passed through, in various levels, by means of such a lot languages may now appear to be so as.

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E. a (semi-)particle. We also pay attention to the parenthetic use characteristic of some of the terms expressing an attitude or comment of the speaker. In this paper we present (a) a qualitative and quantitative classification of full-meaning ad­ verbs according to the meanings of place, time, manner and measure; (b) a classification of terms with reduced original meanings ((semi-) particles) according to their modal, expressive, referential, connective and other textual functions. The linguistic material subject to analysis includes 58 high frequen- 50 Marie Ludvíková  adverbs (f > 100) occurring in an ensemble of 180 samples of non-fic­ tion texts.

E. on thematic contents. e. there exist expressions typi­ cal or frequent in publicist style, administrative style or specialized and scientific style (see above). 6. Conclusion Adjectives as a part of speech are closely connected with nouns. They are used in sentences mostly in the syntactic function of attribute. , elektrický proud ' electric current' , jazyková kultura ' language culture', státní plán ' state plan3), on the other hand it is free, arbitrary. In our texts there were more frequent bound phrases than free phrases.

G. g. g. které otázky byly hlavně předmětem diskuse? 'what problems were chiefly se hlavně baví povzbuzovánίm štafet the subject of d i s c u s s i o n ? ) . The remaining adverbs express the circumstance of manner with a fre­ quency of 20% and less. g. g. g. g. nedovede vyjádřit své myšlenky prostě a pře­ svědčivě ' he does not succeed to express his ideas simply and in a con­ vincing way3 . The principal field of use of these adverbs lies in other, non-syn­ tactic dimensions. 4. Measure The adverbs denoting measure appear to be semantically rather a ho­ mogeneous group.

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