Pioneering Women. True Tales of the Wild West by Jeff Savage

By Jeff Savage

"A six shooter makes all women and men equal." Agnes Morley not just coined this word, but additionally subsidized it up through sporting a gun. whereas many girls within the Wild West didn't hold a gun, Morley's quote represented the courageous spirit of all pioneering girls. Early expeditions to the unexplored West integrated girls, similar to Sacagawea, who helped Lewis and Clark succeed in the Pacific. As american citizens settled the West, ladies took on very important roles as ranchers, academics, homesteaders, miners, outlaws, and reformers. From Calamity Jane to hold kingdom, writer Jeff Savage examines the fantastic girls pioneers of the Wild West.

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He led it by the reins out to the main road where the cowhands were waiting with the cattle. The deputy was taking away her horse. The way Agnes figured it, he was stealing it! Agnes wasn’t about to let the deputy steal her horse. She raced to the barn, mounted another horse, and galloped off after him. Agnes spotted the deputy standing on the road with several cowboys. Then she saw her horse. Agnes rode up to the deputy and demanded her horse returned. The deputy refused. Agnes went after her horse anyway.

In 1804, when Sacagawea was about fifteen, a group of white men arrived at the village where she and Charbonneau lived. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were on a journey across the continent. They were trying to reach the Pacific Ocean. The journey meant crossing the massive Rocky Mountains and traveling through a land inhabited by many American Indian peoples. Toussaint Charbonneau knew sign language. He joined the Lewis and Clark expedition as an interpreter. The exploration party, which consisted of thirty-two men and one woman—Sacagawea—was called the Corps of Discovery.

1 For thousands of years, people have lived west of the Mississippi River in what is now the western United States. Scientists believe that the American Indians originated in northern Asia. They probably first crossed over the Bering Strait from Siberia to Alaska about 13,000 years ago. It is believed that at that time, a land bridge there connected Asia and North America. As these peoples grew in number and spread out all across North and South America, many different cultures developed. American Indians from the western United States are very different from those in the Amazon region of South America.

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