Persuasive Discipline by Carmen Y. Reyes

By Carmen Y. Reyes

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Teach more! Nonverbal classroom management. Group strategies that work. Butler, PA: Pearls of Learning Press. , & Seymour, J. (2002). Introducing NLP: Psychological skills for understanding and influencing people. Hammersmith, London: Harper Element. Schaefer, C. E. (1994). How to influence children: A handbook of practical child guidance skills. (Second Edition). Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson. Shapiro, L. E. (1994). Tricks of the trade: 101 psychological techniques to help children grow and change.

Teach the child to take big, slow, deep breaths. 4. Teach deep breathing by inhaling deeply and exhaling very slowly. 5. Tell the child to take a deep breath and to hold it for about ten seconds, then to let the air out. 6. Show the child how to inhale deeply through the nostrils and to exhale slowly through the nose or mouth. 7. Say, “Take a deep breath through your nose and slowly let it out. Take another deep breath... ” 8. Deepen the relaxation feeling by counting aloud from one to five, or from one to ten, with a three-second interval between numbers.

Hold your body straight and freeze your posture. Keep your feet parallel to one another and pointing forward, making sure that your weight is balanced evenly on both feet. Stretch out one hand in front of you and hold it parallel to the floor; the hand is also frozen. Say, “GOOD MORNING LADIES (voice louder than the volume of the class) (speech pause) and gentlemen (almost whispering). ” You begin this last sentence still whispering and then you glide up to your normal voice volume. Persuasion Technique 29: Use Discipline Anchors An anchor is a stimulus that always elicits the same reaction.

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