Pandora's Box: Lifting the Lid on Life's Little Nasties by Cindy Pan

By Cindy Pan

Issues that you just constantly desired to be aware of yet have been afraid to invite your girlfriends. And definately no longer your mom. Dr Cindy Pan discusses quite a lot of matters suitable to latest women-body picture; pornography; sexually transmitted illnesses; alcohol; rape; medications; being pregnant and extra.

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But that’s another story. Pandora’s BOX BODY They weren’t disposable and don’t imagine Dad or the big brother was busy rinsing them out or making fresh ones. Nup. That would have been women’s work for sure. Yum. ) and we no longer have to tie rags around ourselves like a sumo wrestler. We’ve come a long way baby, now we can say: ‘Periods? ’ Pandora’s BOX BODY Are we in the process of seeing a ‘New Femininity’ emerging? Jeepers, I sure hope so. Over the years we’ve seen some pretty warped ideas of what it takes to be a real woman, some of them threatening to female life itself: from corsets — yeah, great idea, guys — to high-heeled shoes (it broke my heart to see Baby Spice in a wheelchair after falling off her platforms), to those ceramic talons stuck onto perfectly healthy nails .

Having sex during our period is great. We get to see how you like having blood all over your genitals. 74. We can be tetchy and unreasonable at least once a month for several days for good biological reason. What’s your excuse? 75. In a custody battle we usually come out on top. 76. We usually decide what’s for dinner. 77. We’re better actors and can lie convincingly. 78. If we do lie, we are at least aware of it and have a conscience. And it is probably for a good reason. 79. In us,‘vulnerable and fallible’ is appealing.

We look good in both men’s and women’s clothes. We can borrow your clothes and you don’t mind because it looks sexy. We mainly borrow your clothes to do really dirty work (that we don’t want to ruin our own clothes with). We are not expected to do really grimy work. 25. Men are supposed to offer to carry heavy objects for us (handbags excluded). 26. We don’t get ridiculed for carrying handbags. 27. Penis envy does not exist in women. Handbag envy does. Men envy us our handbags. 47. A fleshy woman is curvaceous and voluptuous, a plump guy is just a slob.

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