Overcoming Law by Richard A. Posner

By Richard A. Posner

criminal concept needs to turn into extra authentic and empirical and no more conceptual and polemical, Richard Posner argues during this wide-ranging new ebook. the themes coated comprise the constitution and behaviour of the criminal career; constitutional concept; gender, intercourse, and race theories; interdisciplinary techniques to legislation; the character of felony reasoning; and felony pragmatism. Posner analyzes, in witty and passionate prose, faculties of notion as various as social constructionism and institutional economics, and students and judges as diverse as Bruce Ackerman, Robert Bork, Ronald Dworkin, Catharine MacKinnon, Richard Rorty, and Patricia Williams. He additionally engages tough matters in criminal concept that variety from the motivations and behaviour of judges and the function of rhetoric and analogy in legislations to the reason for privateness and blackmail legislations and the rules of employment contracts. even if written by means of a sitting pass judgement on, the publication doesn't keep away from controversy; it comprises frank value determinations of radical feminist and race theories, the habit of the German and British judiciaries in wartime, and the excesses of social constructionist theories of sexual habit.

all through, the ebook is unified via Posner's designated stance, that is pragmatist in philosophy, monetary in technique, and liberal (in the experience of John Stuart Mill's liberalism) in politics. Brilliantly written, eschewing jargon and technicalities, it'll make a big contribution to the controversy in regards to the function of legislation in our society.

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