Oriental Costumes by Max Tilke

By Max Tilke

Книга посвящена развитию восточного народного и служебного костюма. Рассматриваются костюмы разных слоев общества – купцов, дехкан, воинов, женщин, сатрапов султанов и простых городских бедняков. Перевод сделан с немецкого издания. Книга предназначалась для американского и британского рынков. Проиллюстрирована гравюрами, показывающими различные типы костюмов. Пособие по истории костюма для художников театра и кино, для историков моды.

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In Berlin Ethnogr. Mus. 29 Plate 112. TURKESTAN. Woman's Red Andidjan velvet embroidered The silk. with side-pieces of overcoat. silver The thread. lining is usually women's garments are pleated over the hips onto the sleeves. Orig. in Berlin Ethnogr. Mus. Plate 113. TURKESTAN. Chemise, Bokhara. Watered Andidjan Orig. silk. in Berlin Ethnogr. Mus. Plate 114. TURKESTAN, SAMARCAND. Chemise. Very light soft silk. and stopping, or tying. The patterns are produced by a series of dyeing Orig. in a private coll.

Across breast-part gold braid to which decorations are attached. is Orig. in Berlin Ethnogr. Mus. Plate 108, TURKESTAN. Sort silk overcoat lined with ramie, Tashkent. This garment with is as is the case with all chalats edged along hems The Turkestan garment is called "tshapan". The silk figured braid. term chalat used more in the sense of a is gown of honour Orig. in a private coll. Plate 109. TURKESTAN. Wadded, Man's under-garment. and lightly quilted, and made of soft patterned The nether garments are corded at waist, the upper ones calico, lined watered silk.

The opening for neck is worn on the head. The superlong decorative sleeves hang loosely down the back, and are only joined at the ends. A the face of Sart stiff veil ("tshashpant") made of out of doors. woven horsehair covers women when Origs. in Berlin Ethnogr. Mus. Plate 118. CHINESE TURKESTAN, YARKAND OR KHOTAN. Wadded cm Made of 19 Orig. in Berlin overcoat, "tshapdn". known as "maceru". The lining is coarse colon dyed blue, so-called "eastern stuff". The garment is done up in the Turco-Mongolian manner by means of cords with loops and brass buttons.

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