Operations Research Proceedings 1995: Selected Papers of the by Ulrich Faigle, Marcel Hunting, Walter Kern (auth.), Prof.

By Ulrich Faigle, Marcel Hunting, Walter Kern (auth.), Prof. Dr. Peter Kleinschmidt, Prof. Dr. Achim Bachem, Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Derigs, Dr. Dietrich Fischer, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger, Prof. Dr. Rolf Möhring (eds.)

Das Buch enthält ausgewählte Vorträge, die anläßlich des Symposiums über Operations study (SOR'95) in der Zeit vom 13.-15.9.1995 an der Universität Passau gehalten wurden. Der Leser erhält einen Einblick in neueste Forschungsergebnisse auf dem Gebiet des Operations examine. Der Sammelband demonstriert eindrucksvoll das weite Spektrum der vom Operations learn heute behandelten Thematiken. Neben primär methodischen Fragestellungen bilden praxisorientierte Themen wie Anwendungsberichte aus der Praxis, im Umweltschutz, der Logistik und Verkehrsplanung einen Schwerpunkt. Deutlich wird auch die Ausstrahlung des Operations study in andere wissenschaftliche Disziplinen wie Informatik, Ökonomie und Wirtschaftsinformatik.

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Mat. i Mat. Fiz. 9 (1969) 509-521 (Russian). R. Comput. Math. and Math. Phys. 9 (1969) 14-29. [Shc79] Shchepakin, M. , On a modification of a class of algorithms for mathematical programming, Zh. Vychisl. Mat. i Mat. Fiz. 19 (1979) 1387-1395 (Russian). [Tod79] Todd, M. , Some remarks on the relaxation method for linear inequalities, Technical Report 419, Cornell University, Cornell, Ithaca, 1979. 25 An Algorithm for Monotone Complementarity Problems with Locally Lipschitzian Functions Andreas Fischer Technische Universitat Dresden, D-OI062 Dresden, Germany 1 Introduction We consider the complementarity problem CP(F) of finding x E IRn such that F(x);::: 0, x;::: 0, xTF(x) = 0, where F : IRn -+ IRn is a given monotone locally Lipschitzian function.

4) o Proof See [Ceg93, Sect. 1] Theorem 4. Let A = [ai E IRn : i E 1] be a linearly independent system. If coneA is obtuse then the vector t given by equality (2) satisfies the following inequality m Ht ll 2 ~ L II s ill 2 , i=l (5) 22 o Proof. See [Ceg94, Lemma 2] Now we apply the above results to a system of linear inequalities /j(:C) ::; h,i E Jk, and to a point :Ck, derived by Iterative scheme 1. Recall that /j(') = (9j,') - ci for ci = (9j,:Cj) - /(:Cj). {i h}. Corollary5. ;(:Ck) ~ Let Lk C J~ be such that Gk := [g, : I ELk] is linearly independent and generates an obtuse cone.

4 Real time algorithms In this section, we present the algorithms we developed for a company where the computation time requirement is quite strict. We consider two cases. In the first case, cutting time is costless compared to trim loss. In the second case, cutting time is not costless. The first case often arises in companies where the maximum packet size is 1. In this case, the number of cuts required cannot be reduced drastically. Therefore, the cost incurred by cutting time is nearly a constant.

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