Moon Living Abroad in Belize by Victoria Day-Wilson

By Victoria Day-Wilson

Victoria Day-Wilson has all of the perception and knowledge on settling down in Belize—she's made the flow there herself. In Moon residing in a foreign country in Belize, she bargains effortless, a professional recommendation on how businesspeople, scholars, academics, retirees, and pros could make a soft transition to dwelling during this more and more renowned destination.

Moon dwelling in a foreign country in Belize is jam-packed with crucial details and must-have information on establishing everyday life, together with acquiring visas, arranging funds, gaining employment, picking faculties, and discovering healthiness care, plus useful suggestion on the right way to hire or purchase a house for a number of wishes and budgets. With broad colour and black and white images, illustrations, and maps, Moon residing out of the country in Belize can help you discover your bearings as you agree into your new domestic and existence in a foreign country.

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In 1802, 150 Garifuna arrived on the coast of Stann Creek as woodcutters. They got to know the coast well and became excellent smugglers, evading the Spanish who forbade trade with the British. The Garifuna population grew and prospered in Stann Creek. When European settlers arrived there in 1823, Methodist missionaries attempted to convert them to Christianity and failed. In 1832, hundreds of Garifuna led by Alejo Benji migrated to Belize. This is known as Garifuna Settlement Day and is still celebrated annually on November 19.

Added to the mix are Americans, Chinese, and Arabs. Today’s Belizeans, a diverse population of Mestizos, Creoles, Maya Indians, and Garifuna, speak English, the official language of Belize, as well as Spanish and Creole. Colors dominate the landscape. Delicate sprays of orchids grow wild in the trees, scarlet bougainvillea tumbles over everything, and huge bushes are covered in large red hibiscus flowers. Thickly intertwined trees in a hundred shades of green and brown rise against the blue sky, and under them colorful markets feature myriad vegetables and fruit.

Around the coat of arms is a wreath of 50 leaves symbolizing the PUP, which formed in 1950. The national flower is the black orchid, a small green and yellow flower with a purple base that grows in damp areas and blooms year round. The national bird is the keel-billed toucan, a colorful bird with a black and yellow chest, and a large green, blue, red, and orange bill. The national tree is the mahogany tree, which can grow up to 100 feet. Today it is still used for lumber and furniture. The largest animal in the Americas, the tapir, is the national animal.

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