Mobile broadband communications for public safety : the road by Ramon Ferrús, Oriol Sallent

By Ramon Ferrús, Oriol Sallent

"This publication offers a well timed and complete evaluation of the creation of LTE expertise for PPDR communications. It describes the operational eventualities and rising multimedia and data-centric functions well-known and discusses the most techno-economic drivers which are believed to be pivotal for an effective and economical supply of cellular broadband PPDR communications. The features and contours of Read more...


This e-book presents a well timed and entire evaluate of the advent of LTE know-how for PPDR communications. Read more...

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An emergency can be handled by a single PPDR agency, or it may require the participation of a number of them. g. an emergency situation requiring only police forces vs. an emergency where police, fire and EMS are involved). g. local, regional, national). The resulting combinations can lead to the following hierarchy levels of communications [5]: •• Intra‐agency communications, thus involving a single PPDR service/single jurisdiction •• Inter‐agency communications, involving (i) single PPDR service/multiple jurisdictions, (ii) multiple PPDR services/single jurisdiction and (iii) multiple PPDR services/multiple jurisdictions 10 Mobile Broadband Communications for Public Safety These hierarchical levels define increasingly complex communications interactions and administration as the hierarchy moves from the single PPDR service/single jurisdiction situation to the multiple services/multiple jurisdictions events.

PPDR services are required to develop working arrangements according to circumstances. Based on the earlier considerations, it becomes evident that multiple voice and data com­ munications flows maybe required among intervention teams/units on the field, potentially belonging to different PPDR agencies, tactical‐level mobile control centres established at designated locations within the incident area and tactical‐ and strategic‐level control centres in remote locations outside the incident area.

In particular, besides the basic officer radiocommunication knowledge, they need to master the radio scheme of their mission, that is, who has to speak with whom and, in application of a functional radio model, on which talk groups. Interoperability between the communications systems in use is essential. In addition, fall­ back communications service needs to be available to the field teams in cases where network service is either unavailable or disturbed due to the nature of the emergency/disaster.

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